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Added by dranxiety
Cover by theabsorbant

Added on: 26/09/2009
Latest update: 11/10/2019
User updates processed: 2

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Backdraft (1991) [824 867 9]

Country  Nordic Release  
Released  ???
Publisher  Universal Home Entertainment
Price  ???

UPC  5050582486797UPC=5050582486797
Category  Thriller

Color  Color
Length  137 min.
Chapter(s)  ???
Picture  Widescreen 16:9
Ratio  2.35:1
Format  HD-30 GB
Rot status  None reported
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 Language  Subtitles 
 Unknown  Unknown 

 Additional Information by dranxiety    19/11/2015 

Bonus Features:

  • Ron Howard Introduction
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Igniting the Story: Director Ron Howard, producer Brian Grazer and others discuss the evolution of the film from script to screen.
  • Bringing Together The Team: From the casting room to firefighter clinics, see how director Ron Howard brought together a talented team of actors and real-life firefighters.
  • The explosive stunts: Filmmakers reveal the state-of-the-art technology and heroic stunts that created the explosive action of the film.
  • Creating the villain:The Fire See how an overwhelmingly talented team of special effects creators and stunt coordinators worked together to bring the fire to life.
  • Real-Life Firemen,
  • Real-Life Stories: Get an insiderĀ“s perspective on what it takes to be a firefighter in this round-table discussion with the crew of station 73, Santa Clarita.