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Added by tomiopeeper1868 (1)

Added on: 26/11/2021
Latest update: 07/03/2024

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A/V Receiver

Integra DTR-9.1 (2000)           

Country  USA
Color   (Black)
Market  Consumer
Price  3200 USD
Barcode/UPC  ???
OEM / Clone of  Onkyo TX-DS989
Voltage  AC 120V, 60 Hz
Power  670 W
Weight  48.5 lb
Dimensions  17.137.6917.75in


Can decode Dolby Surround/Pro Logic signals
Can decode Dolby Digital/AC3 bitstream
Can decode Dolby Digital 5.1 EX Matrix bitstream
Can convert to Dolby Pro LogicII or IIx signals
Can decode Dolby Digital Plus bitstream
Can decode DTS bitstream
Can decode DTS 5.1 ES Matrix bitstream
Can decode DTS-ES 6.1 bitstream
Can convert to DTS Neo:6 signals
Can decode LPCM bitstream
Can decode MPEG-2 AAC
Can decode MPEG Multichannel

Can decode bitstream/file/network PCM up to: 192kHz
Can decode bitstream/file/network DSD up to: DSD 128
THX Certification: THX ULTRA


   DB9 connector, usualy RS-232 serial port x 1
    IR/Control (Infrared) IN x 2
    12V Trigger OUT x 2


    Switched (on when device is on) power outlet x 2


    RCA Phono (L/R/GND) x 2
    .....  RCA Stereo (L/R) x 10
    .....  Coaxial Digital Audio x 5
     Optical/TOSLINK Digital Audio x 3
   AC3RF Input from your Player AC3RF output (RCA) x 1
   AM Spring Clips x 1
   FM F-Type x 1
   Multi-channel over DB25 x 1


    .....  Composite signal (CVBS) x 6
    .....  S-Video (also mini-DIN) x 6
     Y/Pb/Pr component analog signals x 3


    .....  RCA Stereo (L/R) x 5
   RCA 7.1 channels x 1
   Additional Subwoofer output (RCA) x 1
   Coaxial Digital Audio x 1
   Optical/TOSLINK Digital Audio x 1
   Jack (6.35mm / 0.25in) stereo output for headphones x 1
   Multi-channel over DB25 x 1
   FRONT (L/R) speakers x 1
   CENTER speaker x 1
   SURROUND (L/R) speakers x 1
   BACK SURROUND (L/R) speakers x 1


    .....  Composite signal x 5
    .....  S-Video (sometimes called mini-DIN) x 5
   Y/Pb/Pr analog component x 1

 Additional Information by admin (422)   29/11/2021 - Last update: 17/04/2022 

Was later upgraded with Dolby Pro-LogicII and DTS-ES.

 Additional Information by tomiopeeper1868 (1)   17/09/2022 

Power rated at 11A.

This appears to be an Integra rebadge of Onkyo TX-DS989, as Integra was treated as a separate brand from Onkyo. In Japan, Integra was a sub label of Onkyo.

Includes R1 plug to enable operation of Onkyo equipment that carry the R1 plug with the included receiver remote.

Enabled with line-out Zone 2 Multiroom output to enable the remote to be used anywhere in the course if the proper adapter is connected.

The headphone output on the front can be used to listen to a fold-down of the surround outputs normally outputted to the surround speakers.

Also carries Re-EQ settings despite not advertising such features.

Note: on default settings, all LaserDisc functionality (including AC-3 decoding) are assigned to input 4. This means that any DD tracks fed through the AC-3 RF input will only work on A/V input 4 by default. This can be changed in the settings to accommodate your setup.