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Added by admin (410)

Added on: 06/04/2019
Latest update: 23/11/2023

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Laserdisc Player

Pioneer DVL-919 (1) (1998)                         

Country  Japan
Color   (Gold)
Market  Consumer
Price  115000 JPY
Barcode/UPC   ???
Voltage   AC 100V, 50/60 Hz
Power   ??? W
Weight  ??? kg
Dimensions  ??? (W) x  ??? (H) x  ??? (D) mm


Compatible with NTSC LDs
Compatible with CAV LDs
Compatible with CLV LDs
Compatible with 12"/30cm LDs
Compatible with 8"/20cm LDs (2-sided)
Compatible with 8"/20cm LDSingle (1-sided)
Can expand CX-encoded analog soundtracks
Can play Digital Audio soundtracks (DTS requires a digital output)

Laser wavelength = 780nm

Types of playable discs and their symbolsDiameter | Playable sides
12 cm (5 in.) | single-sided 1 or 2 layers
12 cm (5 in.) | double-sided 1 or 2 layers
8 cm (3 in.) | single-sided 1 or 2 layers
8 cm (3 in.) | double-sided 1 or 2 layers
12 cm (5 in.) | single-sided
8 cm (3 in.) | single-sided
12 cm (5 in.) single-sided
8 cm (3 in.) | single-sided
12 cm (5 in.) | single-sided
30 cm (12 in.) CAV | double-sided
30 cm (12 in.) CLV | double-sided
20 cm (8 in.) CAV | double-sided
20 cm (8 in.) CLV | double-sided
20 cm (8 in.) LD Single CAV | single-sided
20 cm (8 in.) LD Single CLV | single-sided



Compatible with NTSC CDV or VSD


Compatible with NTSC DVD
Compatible with PAL DVD
Can output DTS soundtrack from DVD (This only applies to early Combo LD/DVD or DVD players)

Region Lock This Player is locked by default to Region 2


Compatible with NTSC VCD
Compatible with PAL VCD


LD-G: Device can extract LD Graphics


   IR/Control (Infrared) IN x 1
   IR/Control (Infrared) OUT x 1


    RCA Stereo (L/R) x 2
    Coaxial Digital Audio x 2
   Optical/TOSLINK Digital Audio x 1
   AC3RF coaxial output x 1

Internal DAC for Stereo => PE8001A (Pioneer, BB PCM1716)


    Composite signal x 2
    S-Video (sometimes called mini-DIN) x 2
   Y/Cb/Cr component x 1

 Additional Information by admin (410)   24/01/2022 - Last update: 23/11/2023 

The (1) revision corresponds to an updated DVD board from VWS1377 to VWS1397.

A/V chipset in charge of DVD decoding was upgraded from MB68371C to MB86373.

Price lowered to 99,800 JPY when Pioneer discontinued this model.

January 14, 2009, Tokyo, Japan - Pioneer Corporation today announces that it will cease to manufacture its LaserDisc (LD) players upon completing the production of a total of approximately 3,000 more players.

In 1980, Pioneer introduced its first consumer LD player (VP-1000) in the U.S. market, followed by the Japanese market in 1981 and other markets accordingly. The company has seen worldwide sales of its LD players reach more than 9.5 million units to date in a market that saw worldwide sales top 16.8 million devices. It has contributed to the audiovisual enjoyment of so many consumers all over the world. However, under the market environment in which new media such as DVD and Blu-ray discs now dominate, it has become difficult for Pioneer to procure the parts required to produce LD players. Consequently Pioneer has been forced to terminate production of its LD products.

The final models produced by Pioneer are the DVL-919 (DVD/LD compatible player), CLD-R5 (LD/CD player), DVK-900 (DVD/LD karaoke system), and DVL-K88 (DVD/LD compatible karaoke player).

As for repair services, Pioneer will maintain the spare parts required to restore the normal functions of Pioneer LD players during the minimum storage period.

Repair services lasted until September 30th, 2020 in Japan.