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 Thanks as always for your business and trust. Johngandjrarities (1469)Seller2020-10-11
 Always a pleasure dealing with this gentleman. Thanks! AAAAA+++++finderscove (413)Seller2020-09-02
 Fast paytrytone (32)Seller2020-09-02
 A+ Buyer! Your Order has Shipped! Thank You! Your Business is Appreciated!comicjungle (459)Seller2020-06-01
 A+ Thanks!eric05gto (191)Seller2020-01-20
 Great buyer!ajslds (173)Seller2019-12-23
 Great buyer, excellent communication, fast payment, smooth transaction. Thanks astreetlightrecor (289)Seller2019-10-21
 Quick And Smooth Transaction...TYVM!... AAA+++starlaser (211)Seller2019-08-01
 Thank you for you business. Long time customer A=lvdisc (664)Seller2019-07-12
 Thank you and Good Luck!eastmanblues (38)Seller2019-03-16
 Great customer. Super speedy payment. Excellent communications. A+++Thxtanjun (257)Seller2019-02-03
 Thanks very much. Hope you enjoy it.mrscrounge (3)Seller2019-02-02
 Thank you for your purchase and fast response!tausik (25)Seller2019-01-15
 Excellent buyer, highly recommended!jlindsey86 (8)Seller2018-12-20
 Nice easy transaction.anhalstead (49)Seller2018-12-11
 Fantastic A+++++++++++++++giannis (171)Seller2018-11-08
 RAPID PAYMENT - SMOOTH TRANSACTION - THANK YOU psy - ENJOY IT -firehorse_44 (686)Seller2018-11-03
 Excellent buyer! Prompt payment and smooth transaction.silgin50 (17)Seller2018-11-02
 EXCELLENT BUYER!!!belmontrecords (1)  Seller2018-09-15
 Great to do business with, prompt payment, all positive.smzdt76 (1)Seller2018-09-03
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