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   Reference    Title / Year  Specs  Released  Video  Country
ALLA-15 Great American Roller Coaster: vol.1 (1990)SRD1990-07-25NTSCJapan
TOLW-3076 John & Yoko: The Bed-In/Give Peace a Chance (1969)1991-04-26NTSCJapan
ASLY-1223 Kolchak: The Night Stalker: vol.1 (1974)Bilingual1998-03-25NTSCJapan
ASLY-1224 Kolchak: The Night Stalker: vol.2 (1974)Bilingual1998-06-26NTSCJapan
LSTD01165 Mr. Satan: vol.1 (1966)1994-10-21NTSCJapan
LSTD01177 Mr. Satan: vol.2 (1966)1994-12-09NTSCJapan
SF078-1382 Night Gallery (1969)ANA1987-12-15NTSCJapan
BELL-369 Operation Mystery! (Kaiki daisakusen): Hell Special (1968)1991-04-25NTSCJapan
VPLR-70236 The Beatles: Concert at Budokan (1966)1993-07-01NTSCJapan
L050-1082 The Beatles: Ready Steady Go! (1987)ANA1987-05-01NTSCJapan
PILF-1996 Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea: vol.011995-07-25NTSCJapan
PILF-1997 Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea: vol.02Bilingual1995-10-21NTSCJapan
PILF-2122 Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea: vol.03Bilingual1996-01-25NTSCJapan
PILF-2123 Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea: vol.04Bilingual1996-05-10NTSCJapan
PILF-2205 Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea: vol.05Bilingual1996-09-10NTSCJapan
PILF-2206 Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea: vol.06Bilingual1996-12-10NTSCJapan
PILF-2207 Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea: vol.07Bilingual1997-02-08NTSCJapan
PILF-2208 Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea: vol.08Bilingual1997-03-21NTSCJapan
PILF-2429 Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea: vol.09Bilingual1997-11-07NTSCJapan
PILF-2430 Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea: vol.10Bilingual1998-03-21NTSCJapan
PILF-2198 Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm, The (1962)LBX/SRD1997-05-25NTSCJapan
08526 1776 (1972)LBX/Uncut1995-04-18NTSCUSA
GM-127 1980 Buick Action Library (1980)ANA/CAV1980NTSCUSA
GM-161/GM-159 1980 Buick Action Library (1980)ANA/CAV1980NTSCUSA
GM-187 1981 Buick Action Library (1981)ANA/Bilingual/CAV1981NTSCUSA

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