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   Reference    Title / Year  Specs  Released  Video  Country
SRLM 816 Billy Joel: A Matter of Trust (1987)1991NTSCJapan
SRLM 1533 Billy Joel: Greatest Hits III: The Video (1997)1998-03-21NTSCJapan
MLV49061 Billy Joel: Live at Yankee Stadium (1990)1992-08-25NTSCUSA
MLV49184 Billy Joel: Shades of Grey (1993)1993-12-07NTSCUSA
MLV50139 Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band: Blood Brothers1996-10-01NTSCUSA
MLV-49162 Bruce Springsteen: In Concert MTV Plugged (1992)1993-01-26NTSCUSA
MLV50136 Celine Dion: The Colour of My Love Concert (1994)1995-11-21NTSCUSA
MLV49109 Dan Fogelberg: Live - Greetings from the West (1991)1994-01-06NTSCUSA
SRLM 827 Fabulous Thunderbirds: Hot Stuff - The Greatest Hits (1992)1992NTSCJapan
42LS 2008 Genesis: Invisible Touch Tour (1988)LBX1988NTSCJapan
MLV49133 Mariah Carey: MTV Unplugged +3 (1992)1992-09-22NTSCUSA
MLV49072 Mariah Carey: The First Vision (1991)1992-08-25NTSCUSA
MLV 49079 Meat Loaf: Hits Out of Hell (1991)1993-12-14NTSCUSA
SRLM 1540~1 Metallica: Cunning Stunts - Load Live (1998)1999-01-13NTSCJapan
MLV49122 Michael Bolton: Soul and Passion (1992)1992-08-25NTSCUSA
MLV49159 Michael Bolton: This is Michael Bolton (1992)1993-01-26NTSCUSA
MLV49164 Michael Jackson: Dangerous: The Short Films (1993)1993-12-07NTSCUSA
MLV50138 Michael Jackson: HIStory on Film #2 (1997)1997-05-20NTSCUSA
MLV50123 Michael Jackson: Video Greatest Hits: HIStory #1 (1995)1995-06-20NTSCUSA
MLV49877 Odyssey Into the Mind's Eye (1996)1996-09-10NTSCUSA
MLV49103 Ozzy Osbourne: Don't Blame Me (1991)1994-08-02NTSCUSA
MLV49151 Ozzy Osbourne: Live & Loud (1993)1993-05-25NTSCUSA
MLV49111 Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble: Live at the El Mocambo (1983)1992-08-25NTSCUSA
SRLM-807 Toto: Live in Zénith, Paris (1990)1992NTSCJapan
SRLM 805 Warrant: Cherry Pie (1991)1991-08-01NTSCJapan