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   Reference    Title / Year  Specs  Released  Video  Country
1403-2-10 3D Laser Disc Test #2: Hondo (1993)P&S/ANA/CAV1993NTSCUSA
--- American Express Interactive Services NCR DemoANA/CAVNTSCUSA
20-025 American Movie Classics/United Artists Entertainment Trailer Intro/Outro No. 1 (1994)ANA/CAV1994-09NTSCUSA
--- Basic Instinct/Universal Soldier Promotional Laserdisc (1992)8"1992NTSCUSA
9010-CES-JUNE-1984 C.E.S. June '84 (1984)ANA1984-06NTSCUSA
DEMO-027 Driven by Excellence: The SuperTuner III Story (1983)ANA/CAV1983NTSCUSA
34-7017-4924-3 General Electric 'Discovery' ExhibitANA/CAVNTSCUSA
ID8323IM Image Entertainment LaserDisc Catalog Vol.1 (1991)8"/CAV1991NTSCUSA
ID8686IM Image Entertainment LaserDisc Catalog Vol.2: Spring 1992 (1992)8"/CAV1992-07-23NTSCUSA
939...7059 Infinity: The Best Seat in the House is Yours (1993)SRD/CAV1993NTSCUSA
09604 Interactive Winner's Circle: Nebraska Sampler (1988)ANA1988NTSCUSA
PVI-001 Laserdisc Demonstration Disc: All There Is to Know About (1984)SRD/ANA/CAV1984NTSCUSA
USP-001 Laserdisc: What it is, How it works (1980)ANA/CAV1980NTSCUSA
LDD-DEMO-1 laservision with digital sound demonstration disc (1984)1984NTSCUSA
07-562 Leonard Nimoy Demonstrates the Magnavision Videodisc Player (1981)ANA/CAV1981DiscoVisionUSA
1000-0889 Lexicon CP-1 Digital Audio Environment Processor Demonstration Laserdisc (1989)SRD/CAV1989NTSCUSA
VTT-002 Luxman Home Electronics: The Touch of Luxury (1985)ANA/CAV1985NTSCUSA
--- Mitsubishi Gallery Laser Disc Demo (1992)SRD/CAV1992NTSCUSA
--- MTV New Music Report: Show #1 (1992)SRD1992-01NTSCUSA
--- MTV New Music Report: Tower Records/Video Show #4 (1991)SRD1992-04NTSCUSA
--- MTV New Music Report: Tower Records/Video Show #5 (1991)SRD1992-05NTSCUSA
--- Pictures & Words: Proton Video Reference Disk (1995)CAV1995NTSCUSA
PA-91-379 Pioneer Artists on Laserdisc (1991)NTSCUSA
HEDP-92002U Pioneer Home Theater: You Don't Just Watch It (1992)SRD/CAV1992NTSCUSA
PAS-88-02 Pioneer Laser Optics '88 Demonstration Disc (1988)+CAV1988NTSCUSA

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