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Star Wars: The Definitive Collection Flaw List (1993 Laserdisc Box Set) Version 2.5 August 15, 1995

Assembled by Edwin M. Weiland And assisted by *lengthy* contributions from:

Michael Arvallius (, Roy Batty (, William Cruce ( & Evan Daum (

Contents (* Denotes changes since last version, Version 2.4)


THX Star Wars Trilogy in CLV Format Coming Soon!

*FAQ's Regarding the SW-THX Definitive Collection Box Set

Overall Box Set Complaints

Star Wars Flaws

The Empire Strikes Back Flaws

Return of the Jedi Flaws

Disclaimers and Specific Notes Concerning Certain Flaws

THX Star Wars Trilogy in CLV Format Coming Soon!


As some of you have heard, the non-THX CLV versions of Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi have been put on moratorium. The THX box set however is still available. New THX-certified, CLV vers- ions of the THX masters are being released in a few weeks. However, in the most recent issue of Laser Flash from Sight and Sound, these THX, CLV versions will only be available until Christmas 1995.

In the most recent issues of Curtco's Home Theater Technology (6/95 and 7/95) Image Entertainment has placed an ad for the new THX CLV discs.

The ad reads as follows:

"Star Wars

The Empire Strikes Back

Return of the Jedi

Individually available on laserdisc in THX, Widescreen, CLV editions

Coming to a galaxy near you August 29, 1995"

FAQ's Regarding the SW-THX Definitive Collection Box Set


1. This list is posted to rec.arts.sf.starwars and periodically. Depending on what new information I receive, I will post it accordingly. If at any time you require a copy of the flawlist, please email me at . If you encounter any items herein which you believe to be erroneous, vague or missing, please email your comments to me. Feel free to dis- tribute this list only in its original form without alterations.

2. Presently, The Star Wars Trilogy Box Set has only been officially recalled for the following reasons:

A. Missing Seven Seconds from Empire Disc:


These seven seconds of original footage are from Disc 2, Side 3 of The Empire Strikes Back. These seven seconds pertain to Leia welding on the Millenium Falcon. If you have a copy of this disc (the correct disc starts with Leia welding versus starting with Leia hanging up her welder) Fox Video has reportedly channeled these return issues to Image Entertainment. As of 7/26/95, an Image rep. informed me that returns are to be handled by Lydia (extension 210) at Image Entertainment. See Image phone number below.

B. Weak/Non-Existant Closed Captioning:


Secondly, in the past, Fox Video has replaced discs with a weak or non-existant Closed Captioning signal. Present replacement procedures are not known. In the past, Fox Home Video replaced discs directly.

C. Some Erroneous Early Pressings:


Recently, Image Entertainment has been reported as replacing a comp- lete box set (only LD's) that exhibited the missing 7 seconds of Empire as well as all of the first-pressing flaws (flaws that are now corrected.) This is by no means a recall by Image. However, if you think you are a candidate for such an exchange, contact Image Ent. at the phone number and address below. Kym, Kirk and Lydia seem to be individuals/contacts in charge of handling exchanges. Good luck.

3. Phone numbers and snail mail addresses of the parties involved in producing the Star Wars Trilogy Box Set:

Fox Home Video............................310-203-3195

P.O. Box 900; Beverly Hills, CA; 90213-0900

Image Entertainment.......................800-473-3475

9333 Oso Ave; Chatsworth, CA; 91311-6019

ATTN: Kym, Kirk or Lydia

Lucasfilm THX Department..................415-662-1900

Overall Box Set Complaints


Please note that these complaints reflect the initial pressings of The Star Wars Trilogy box set. I do not claim to know whether or not all, some or none of these complaints can be attributed to the newest pressings.

1. Large individual sleeves falling apart due to inadequate glue.

2. Early editions of the box set exhibited a much too snug fit of the LD's, the Creative Impulse book and supplemental liner notes.

3. Scrolling, horizontal waves throughout the entire box set's picture. These waves scroll upwards and can be most easily seen in those areas where the picture is gray or dark. (They are very hard to see in bright scenes.) SPECULATION as to the waves' source points to AC's 60 cycles/second versus television's 59.97 cycles/second. This difference in frequency coupled with AC interference during the mastering stage, could be the source of the scrolling lines. Fox and Image Entertainment were both notified concerning this. Refusing to admit to a pressing error, they blamed incorrect tele- vision brightness settings as the problem. NOTE: The brightness settings do very little to mask these annoying waves.)

4. Seemingly rushed supplemental section; not as informative as other supplemental sections (eg. Cameron) for films of the same stature. The THX "WOW!" disc has been reported as having a few informative notes on the Star Wars trilogy; maybe Fox should have taken note of this when The Definitive Collection was compiled.

5. Weak Closed Captioned signals. Though most LD owners did not check to see if the CC worked or not, the CC on the initial pressings was very weak.

6. Faint text bleeding through on opening black levels of Empire and Jedi. This text seems to be a 'control screen' of some sort. Some box sets experience this text throughout the Empire discs but are only visible during dark/black scenes. (Contributed by Tom;

Key to Flaws:


In recent pressings of the Definitive Collection, some flaws evident in the first pressings were fixed. With help from others on the internet, I have identiified those flaws that currently exist in the set. The follow- ing identification scheme will be used to describe flaws:

Y = Flaw still exists in newest pressing

N = Flaw does not exist in newest pressing

BN = Barely noticable flaw

Star Wars Flaws (Sides 1 - 6)


1. Side 2: Misprinting in the liner notes: Analog track

Chapter 18 interview is listed for Chapter 19, but the

(Y) actual interview starts on Chapter 18.

2. Side 2: Lightsaber ghosting effect: At times, two

Frames 8750-9116 lightsaber blades can be seen as Luke swings.

(Y) (See note 2 below.)

3. Side 3: A loud "click" is heard as the scene changes

Frame 33250


4. Side 4: Misprinting in the liner notes: Analog track

Chapter 19 discussing 'mythology in Star Wars' is listed

(Y) for Side 4: Chapter 19, but the actual

interview is on Side 2: Chapter 21.

5. Side 5: Misprinting in the liner notes: Analog track

Chapter 1 interview is listed for Chapter 2, but the

(Y) actual interview is on Chapter 1.

6. Side 5: Missing liner notes for the analog track

Chapter 18 interview with Ken Ralston starting at the very

(Y) end of Chapter 17 and continuing mostly on

Chapter 18.

The Empire Strikes Back Flaws (Discs 4 - 6)


1. Liner Notes: The Empire section of the accompanying liner

Empire Section notes states that Empire was released on May 25,

(Y) 1980. However, other sources designate May 21,

1980 as the official release date of Empire.

(Ref: The Jedi Masters Quizbook; Del Rey, 1982)

2. Side 2: Frame noticably lightens.

Frame 601


3. Side 2: Trailing ghosting effect on the Rebel Transport

Frames 3884-3935 and X-Wings. (See note 2 below.) Other example

(BN) of this flaw with a Star Destroyer:

Frame 20745>

4. Side 3: Missing 7 seconds of original film content of

Beginning Leia welding. (Fox has replaced this defect in

(N) the past. See 'Important Notes' section.)

5. Side 3: Two "chirping" noises in the left channel.

Frames 23892-23920


6. Side 4: Misprinting in the liner notes: Analog track

Chapter 17 interview is listed for Chapter 16, but the

(Y) actual interview is on Chapter 17.

7. Side 4: Misprinting in the liner notes: Analog track

Chapter 18 interview is listed for Chapter 17, but the

(Y) actual interview is on Chapter 18.

8. Side 4: Soundtrack flutter/miscue during scene change.

Frame 28665 (Original CLV versions do not experience this.

(Y) CLV Reference: Side 3; Time: 9:04)

9. Side 6: Upside-down, still frame in the supplemental

Frame 47235 section.


Note: Side 1: Frames 29380 - 29420 featuring Leia in the Hoth command

center after the destruciton of the probe droid experiences an

abrupt shift in picture. The CLV version experience the same

picture shift, therefore it is likely a master flaw. (CLV refer-

ence: Side 1: 19:45 - 19:46)

Return of the Jedi Flaws (Discs 7 - 9)


1. Side 1: Change in original aspect ratio from 2.10:1

(BN) to approximately 2.25:1. (See note 1 below.)

2. Side 1: Subtitle misspelling of "Wookiee."

Frame 21895 (Spelling has been corrected.)


3. Side 1: Subtitle misspelling of "Bantha."

Frame 30350 (Spelling has been corrected.)


4. Side 1: Subtitle misspelling of "Wookiee" again.

Frame 41090 (Spelling has been corrected.)


5. Side 3: Bright, digital ghost-image of the Imperial

Frames 3248-3251 Shuttle. (See note 2 below.)


6. Side 4: Digital noise on Chewbacca. (See note 3 below.)

Frames 22743-22746


7. Side 5: Digital noise on Luke's face.(See note 3 below.)

Frame 5025


8. Side 5: Digital noise on Luke. (See note 3 below.)

Frames 15487-15489


9. Side 5: Digital noise on Falcon. (See note 3 below.)

Frames 23894-23896


Disclaimers and Specific Notes Concerning Certain Flaws:


These flaws are reflective of various pressings of the Star Wars

Trilogy Box Set: The Definitive Collection. Current editions may

exhibit all, a few or none of the above flaws. However, the Y, N

and BN designations have been instituted to try and show the status

of the most recent pressings.

Note 1:

From the Video Watchdog, Issue #21: "Jedi has been recomped from

a previous widescreen aspect ratio of 2.10:1 to about 2.25:1,

lopping about 10 scanlines from the top of the image. I think

this might have been done mostly to correct a problem that's

been driving them nuts all these years, one that shows up only in

Jedi's opening shot....there was a small hair sitting mid-keel

of the Imperial Star Destroyer....the shmootz is gone, but so

are about ten uppermost scan lines..." (Contributed by Roy Batty;

Note 2:

This note refers to those flaws which can be explained by

a remastering technique known as 'dirt concealment.' Dirt

concealment entails covering bright spots in a given frame

with information from the previous frame. According to Paul

Almanzan in the April/May 1994 (Volume 3; No. 2) issue of

Widescreen Review this technique was used on The Definitive

Collection. (Contributed by Michael Arvallius;

Note 3:

This note refers to those flaws which could possibly be

explained by dirt concealment. These errors seem to be different

in nature than those in note 2. (Contributed by Michael


Note 4:

Paraphrased from The Video Watchdog, Issue #21: The 1989 Special Widescreen Edition of Star Wars (LD) contains a line of C-3PO's dialogue in the Death Star control room just after R2-D2 begins scanning for the tractor beam control locations. On that LD, immediately following C-3PO's line "He'll try to make the precise location appear..." he goes on to say "The tractor beam is coupled to the main reactor in seven locations. A power loss at one of the terminals will allow the ship to leave." This line did not appear in the original theatrical release of SW, thus it is not really a SW THX flaw. However, it did appear in the original script for SW. Further speculation has revealed that it is possible the added dia- logue first appeared in the 1978 theatrical re-release of Star Wars. (Contributed by Roy Batty; and Josh Ling;


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