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Database found 12 titles on query:   0069113
 Reference   Title                     Specs  Released   Video   Country 
105835 Aventure du Poseidon, L' (1972)PALFrance 
0416085 Poseidon Adventure, The (1972)LBX/THX1997-07-23NTSCUSA 
1058-70 Poseidon Adventure, The (1972)P&S/ANA1982PALUnited Kingdom 
1058-70NL Poseidon adventure, The (1972)P&S/ANA1982PALNetherlands 
1058-85 Poseidon Adventure, The (1972)LBX/SRD1991-08-09NTSCUSA 
1058-90 Poseidon Adventure, The (1972)MONO1982NTSCUSA 
FY519-26MA Poseidon Adventure, The (1972)P&S/ANA/Bilingual1982-02-21NTSCJapan 
PILF-1497 Poseidon Adventure, The (1972)LBX1993-03-10NTSCJapan 
PILF-2483 Poseidon Adventure, The (1972)LBX/THX1997-12-21NTSCJapan 
PILR-1311 Poseidon Adventure, The (1972)LBX1995-09-22NTSCJapan 
SF078-1226 Poseidon Adventure, The (1972)P&S/ANA1987-02-25NTSCJapan 
405.1685 Poseidon Inferno (1972)ANAPALGermany 
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